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“Twin Tigers” - A National Brand

2016.12.11 Linuo

In 1928, Hankou Jianhua Oil Paint Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Twin Tigers, was established, with a registered trademark “Flying Bear”.

In 1938, the company was removed to Chongqing as the Japanese invaded Wuhan. It was renamed Chongqing Jianhua Oil Paint Factory. In order to memorize the two wives of the founder, who had helped the removal and thus been killed by the Japanese, the trademark was changed into “Twin Tigers”.

In 1945, the war was over. To celebrate the victory in the Anti-Japanes War, China Merchants ordered 150 tonnes of paste paint and fish oil to paint war ships within a month. The company was moved back to Wuhan.

In 1949, Hankou Jianhua Oil Paint Factory, Jiancheng Oil Paint Factory, Jinwen Industry Company, Shijin Printing Ink Factory merged one after another into “Wuhan Joint State-private Oil Paint Factory”, and completed the nationalization of paint companies in Wuhan.

In 1980, Wuhan Oil Paint Factory merged with Wuhan No. 2 Pesticide Factory, Wuhan Chemical Solvent Factory and Wuchang Plexiglass Factory into a new Wuhan Oil Paint Factory.

In 1987, Wuhan Oil Paint Factory, its four affiliates and the affiliated coating research institute as well as the supply and marketing company attached to the WOPF merged into Wuhan Twin Tigers Coating Industry Company and was listed among the top 3 in the coating industry nationwide.

In 1990, Twin Tigers Coatings (Group) Company was established.

In 1992, the company was among the pioneering large-sized industrial enterprises which were to be transformed into stock companies and renamed “Wuhan Twin Tigers Coatings (Group) Co., Ltd.”

In 1996, Twin Tigers Coatings Co., Ltd. was the first one in the industry listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600885).

In 2001, Linuo Group reorganized the assets of Twin Tigers. Non-performing assets were stripped off and the company switched into a period of rapid development.

In 2005,Twin Tigers was listed among the top 100 companies in Wuhan and became one of the leading private-owned companies in Hubei province.

In 2013, Twin Tigers Coatings Co., Ltd. vigorously promoted the integration of internal organs, implementing the strategies of professionalization of brand, integration of coatings and paintings and the internationalization of marketing.

In 2015, Twin Tigers Coatings Co., Ltd. was moved to Wuhan Chemical Industry Park. Equipment, products and techniques were updated, which opened a new chapter for the Twin Tigers Co., Ltd.

Twin Tigers: an everlasting love story

In 1925, Lin Shengkai, the founder of Twin Tigers, came to Beijing for the study of chemistry. Before leaving for Beijing, the filial Lin married Tang Wenying under the arrangement of his parents. In Beijing, he got to know Yan Meiyu, one of his classmates from the Northeast of China. They are kindred sprits and soon fell in love. When Lin learned that Yan’s parents were killed by the Japanese, he had more pity for her. They pledged to marry without permission of parents. After graduation, Lin officially married Yan.

In the early spring of 1928, Yan Meiyu contacted many people who could help Lin Shengkai to realize his dream of rejuvenate the country through industrial development. Knowing that her husband was short of starting capital, Tang Wenying pawned her dowry for 30000 silver dollars. In September 1928, Hankou Jianhua Oil Paint Co., Ltd., the first chemical paint company in Wuhan, was founded.

With the outbreak of the September 18th Incident in 1931, the Japanese invaded the Northeast China. Knowing that a single person’s well-fare is connected to the fate of the country, Lin Shengkai tried to collect materials for Chinese armies through all channels. One day, a Chinese army sent for Yan Meiyu and inquired if Jianhua Oil Paint could produce anti-poison paint for the anti-Japanese cause. When Lin heard of this, he motivated all his workers and produced 200 tonnes anti-poison paint in 40 days and sent them to the Chinese army free of charge. That yellowish piece of IOU is still to be found in the archive of Twin Tigers.

In 1938, as Wuhan was taken by the Japanese, Jianhua Factory was the only one which could produce oil paint for military purpose. The Japanese contacted Lin and forced him to collaborate with them. But Lin was patriotic. With the help of his two wives, Lin and his workers made a detour and transported the equipment safely to Sichuan. Nevertheless, his two wives were unfortunately persecuted.

The war ended in 1945. To celebrate the victory, China Merchants and Sanbei Ships contacted Chongqing Jianhua Oil Paint Factory, the only one which could produce military coatings at that time, and ordered 150 tonnes marine paint to paint all war ships available. Lin Shengkai changed the brand of “Flying Bear” into “Twin Tigers”, in order to memorize his two wives who were born in the Year of Tiger.

A patriotic story full of hardships and romance! It inspired employees of Twin Tigers to work harder for the development of Chinese coating industry.