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Contribution to the industrial standards

There is a saying in Chinese business circles that a third-class enterprise only produces; a second-class enterprise creates its own brand, while a first-class enterprise sets industrial standards. Participating in drafting of national or industrial standards demonstrates a company’s technological and management level, as well as its brand influence.


To date, Linuo Group has 685 patents, including 156 invention patents.

Linuo Ritter: Drafting 19 national standards in 15 years.




Linuo has participated in the drafting of 73 industrial standards, including 64 national standards, covering all business sectors of Linuo Group, such as solar energy, special glass, pharmacy, chemicals and coatings.



Since its founding 15 years ago, Linuo Paradigma  alone has participated in drafting 19 national industrial standards, including for Controllers of Domestic Solar Heating Systems, Technical Conditions for Domestic Split Double Loop Solar Heating Systems, and Test Methods for Domestic Split Double Loop Solar Heating Systems. For this work the company was names a  National Standards-setting Enterprise.


As a National Housing Industry Base, Linuo Paradigma and the government cooperated to release the first standard schematic handbook on The Integration of Solar Water Heating Systems and Buildings, which set standards for sync design, construction, acceptance and management of solar energy system and buildings. It is the most comprehensive and representative schematic handbook for integration of solar water heating systems and buildings.


Linuo Special Glass: leading the standards drafting for Pharmaceutical Glass Tubes



In November 2014, the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Glass Instrument and the Technical Committee of Glassware under the National Packaging Committee for Standardization reviewed six national standards drafted by Linuo Special Glass, including GB 12414 Pharmaceutical Glass Tubes.


In recent years, quality requirements for pharmaceutical packaging are becoming stricter, so the original GB 12414-1995 Pharmaceutical Glass Tubes cannot meet the current market needs. A drafting team, mainly consisting of experts from Linuo Technical Glass and the National Light Industry Glassware Quality Regulation and Testing Center, was set up to compile a new standard. The drafting work took two years, setting relative technical requirements and indicators for quality control of pharmaceutical tubes. GB 12414 Pharmaceutical Glass Tubes integrated leading standards both at home and abroad, pointing out the direction of future development. Its main content includes the specifications, technical requirements, experimental methods, and testing methods of pharmaceutical tubes, of great use to to designers, users and manufacturers of pharmaceutical tubes. The approval of GB12414 Pharmaceutical Glass Tube standards has bolstered Linuo Technical Glass’ brand and places the company in an advantageous position to increase market share and improve its competitiveness.





Wuhan Youji: participating in the standards drafting for benzoic acid



Listed in the national standards integration program, the National Food Safety Standard for Food Additive Benzoic Acid was completed a few years ago. Sinopec undertook the project and invited professionals from Wuhan Youji to join the drafting team.


Similarly, the drafting of  China’s national Industrial Benzyl Chloride standards was undertaken by Wuhan Youji and was also done in 2015. This really demonstrates the huge influence of Wuhan Youji in the industry as well as its competitive potential on the international market.